Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check out Susan Meehan's Gripping Poetry at Urbancode's Poetry Blog

BIO: Susan Meehan
Four years ago, Susan retired as the District of Columbia’s only Patient Advocate for all persons in substance abuse treatment; one of her most successful poetry readings was to 300 HIV-positive drug addicts and their families. She now devotes herself to politics and poetry. The two were combined several years ago, when Marion Barry commissioned her to write and deliver an inaugural poem for his second term as mayor – "the largest audience I have ever read to"...

For her full bio and three riveting poems see Urbancode's Poetry Blog at:

Here's a way you or your children can help feed the hungry around the world

OK. How about a bit of shameless self promotion?

I don't often do this, but here's a rare shot of a painting I had at PASS last winter.

Stuart Greenwell
"NEVER let a stranger in your studio"
From the series "A Jackpot of Nothing"
Acrylic Enamel on Masonite, 2007
~10' x 5'