Monday, March 24, 2008

BlackRock Center for the Arts Seeks Executive Director

Company: BlackRock Center for the Arts (Germantown, MD)
Job Title: Executive Director
Description: BlackRock Center for the Arts is a multi-arts facility providing professional performing arts, visual arts and arts education to the community. The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for developing, guiding and implementing the strategies, activities, budget and operations of BlackRock Center for the Arts, as well as overseeing the day-to-day execution of fundraising, marketing, arts programming and operations of the organization.

Direct or oversight responsibilities include fundraising, budget and finance, community outreach, marketing, education, visual and performing arts programming and operations. The ED is responsible for working with the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to create, fund, promote and deliver professional arts programming. This position is critical in leading efforts to meet BlackRock’s objectives. Current full time staff is seven personnel, including: Executive Director, Director of Finance/Administration, Development Director, Marketing Director, Education Director, Technical Director, and Administrative Assistant. There are four part-time personnel: Rental Coordinator, Data Coordinator, Data assistant, and Education assistant.

With its state-of-the art facility, the growing community, and the mission of providing excellence in the arts for a broad audience, BlackRock has the potential to make a significant impact in the regional arts arena, as well as to enhance significantly the quality of life of area residents. The next few years are critical years in making this vision become a reality. The ED has the challenge of leading BlackRock through the next stage of its development - a transition from a young and growing organization into a mature and expansive organization that will take its place among the great arts organizations in the area.

Details, apply for position:

INTO THE LIGHT at Gallery Honfleur

Opening Reception Saturday, March 29th, 6-8pm

Selected exhibitors are as follows: Mark Planisek, Marie Cobb, Lynn Silverman, Craig Kraft, Emily Erb, Phil Stein, Joan Belmar, Cathlyn Newell and Kendall Nordin. Expect to see all types of media from video installation to photography

Show Dates - March 29th-May 3rd, 2008

The Honfleur Gallery
1227 Good Hope Rd. SE
Washington DC 20020
202.580.5972 f)202.889.5035

Title: Courtyard West With Clouds
Artist: Mark Planisek
Medium: Photo Box Collage w/Mixed Media
Size: 9" H x 7" W x 2" D
Date: 2007