Friday, January 25, 2008

D.I.Y. and Unify!

Here at Urbancode we've had this idea (pipedream?) of unifying the various artistic disciplines in Washington DC. This goes way back to the days of Articulate Contemporary Art Review for those of you that remember us.

Painters, dancers, filmmakers, poets, writers, actors, sculptors, designers all communicating, socializing, and coordinating with a single goal in mind--to solidify our position as a major arts market and to unify the community of artists in the greater Washington area for their greater good!

These are just a few ways in which unification would help the arts in DC?
  • Unification would work to create community and a support system.
  • Unification would allow us to combine resources for marketing strategies.
  • Unification would help identify and encourage a network of activists amongst us to lobby the government on behalf of all artists and art activities in the community.
  • Unification would create a strong political block
  • Unification would encourage the creation of spectacular events!
  • Unification would encourage communication between groups
  • Unification would put power and destiny in the hands of the artists
I'm sure our readers have some good ideas as to how unification of the arts would work for our greater goal. Let me hear from you with your thoughts and ideas.

...and by the way... why doesn't DC have a street festival for the arts?