Friday, January 18, 2008

Urbancode blog is "Go!"

urbancode magazine's new blog is now online.
It's only since April 2007 that Urbancode magazine have been around, but we've come a long way rather quickly! Monday January 21, 2008 our first blogger Heidi Snoots goes online with DC Show Hopper, a blog about the DC and surrounding area's live music scene. She knows a thing or two about it so I'm sure she will check in with lots of interesting shows and information.

We've got several new bloggers coming online in the next few days so stay in touch. They will all be listed on our main page and on our website, which will be going online in the next few days also.

Blogging opportunities:
Whether you're from Washington or Waziristan, Baltimore or Bangalore, Richmond, or Rangoon...or anywhere on this big beautiful planet and you are interested in blogging about any aspect of your local arts scene as an Urbancode blogger, contact us at: and we'll set you up with the details.