Friday, April 11, 2008

What better cause than Kids and Peace?

September 14 - 21, 2008

CALL TO AREA ARTS ORGANIZATIONS, GALLERIES, AND PUBLIC/NON-PROFIT SPACES: Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is still seeking collaborative partnerships (at no cost) from metropolitan DC area arts organizations, art galleries, artists, and public/non-profit spaces. If you or your organization can offer a physical space for CHALK4PEACE activities, we need to hear from you. Chalk4Peace is a great, low-budget way for your organization to involve the public in arts and to promote your organization's mission. What's more energetic than kids working with colored chalk?
Many in the Washington DC arts community may know Dr. John Aaron, a prior award winning Director and Curator for the Museum of Modern Arf in Arlington, VA. John's gone on out to California and is now busily spearheading a global non-profit organization called CHALK4PEACE, recently featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy (9/14/06). Since 2006, John's efforts have contributed to over 12 - 14 football fields worth of original, intergenerational, and inspirational temporary art for the sake of peace.

This year, Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is honored to announce we will be working in conjunction with Dr. Aaron and Ms. Marielle Mariano of Woodlawn Elementary School to promote a concentrated Washington DC effort. Our goal is to help expand the work being conducted by CHALK4PEACE. There is simply no better time (prior to elections) and no better location to educate, communicate, participate, and enjoy this great activity.

More information about CHALK4PEACE is at or Information about Dr. Aaron can be found at and he can be reached at Shauna Lee Lange Arts Advisory is at or

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